Agriculture & Commodity

Detecting issues or identifying beneficial soil bacteria before planting the crops is crucial.

Water analysis

Water contamination has been identified as the source of recent major foodborne outbreaks worldwide and it may affect soil, plants, animals or equipments.

Current lab tests are expensive and time-consuming, but now it is faster and easier to test your irrigation water on the spot, reducing the risk of spreading a serious pathogen contamination.

Soil analysis

Soil diseases may be caused by virus, bacterium, fungus or nematode and may not be visible until the crop has sprouted. Detecting issues or identifying beneficial soil properties before planting the crops is crucial to making the right decisions and avoiding unnecessary losses.

Early detection of plant diseases

Farmers and commodity traders often need to validate species and to monitor for possible crop diseases, such as Cocoa Swollen Shoot Virus or Coffee Leaf Rust. Results from lab tests may arrive too late, allowing the disease to spread further. With our simple solutions, monitoring can be done directly on the field, without the need of electricity or trained staff, and disease control measures can be taken immediately.

Environmental Analysis to prevent antibiotic use

Environmental indicators can be the key to prevent the spread of fatal animal diseases in pigs (e.g. African Swine Fever), poultry (e.g. Avian Influenza), cattle (e.g. Mastitis), shrimps (e.g. Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Disease) and others. With our simple, on-the-spot solutions, we allow a frequent monitoring of barns, aviaries and tanks, enabling the early detection of the bacteria responsible for critical diseases and thus preventing the use of antibiotics.

Raw material authentication

Local millers and traders who receive raw materials from a large number of suppliers need to make sure that they pay for what they get. Currently, commodities such as cereals, pulses or coffee are taking up storage space for several days until results from labs are delivered. Our solutions can be designed to quantify the composition of a sample and to detect unwanted varieties in just 30 minutes.