Animal Feed and Pet Food

Serious outbreaks can start from contaminated feed and pet food and spread to humans through animal-derived food or contact with pets.

GMO identification

Many countries have strict requirements regarding the use of GMO ingredients and pet food and animal feed need to be tested in order to guarantee these requirements are met. With SwissDeCode’s rapid solutions, producers perform on the spot GMO analysis and know whether products are compliant in just 30 minutes.

Allergen detection

To make sure that their pet food or animal feed is free from certain allergens (e.g. soy, dairy, etc.) producers can now test incoming materials and finished products on the spot and make immediate decisions, eliminating the need to hold products in while waiting for lab results.

Bacterial contamination detection

Animal feed and pet food pathogens are harmful not only to animals and pets, they can also be a threat to humans when eating animal products or handling pet food.

Quickly detect the presence of Salmonella, Listeria or other bacterial contamination in incoming raw materials or in your end products and prevent serious outbreaks and consequent profit and brand damage.

Species identification

In order to comply with strict production requirements and to sell to foreign markets, pet food and feed producers need to limit the amount of certain ingredients in their final product (e.g. mustard, bitter almond, etc.). For the purpose of labelling, producers also need to validate the ingredients used. Our rapid and simple solutions are able to detect animal and vegetal species, making compliance much easier.