Food & Beverage

Keeping products and operations safe when dealing with dozens of ingredient suppliers and production lines can be a challenge.

Incoming raw material control

Adulteration and microbiological contamination of incoming raw materials are common and may be the origin of serious outbreaks and food recalls.

Current quality check procedures do not allow quality verification as quickly and reliably as food companies need to prevent these issues.

Quickly check the authenticity, quality and microbiological status of what comes into your premises - even before it leaves the truck.

Production line monitoring

Cross-contamination in the production line can be the origin of food recalls due to contamination or undeclared ingredients. Quickly validate your cleaning processes (e.g. vegetal / non-vegetal, nut / nut-free production lines) and test for microbiological environmental contamination before it’s too late.

End product check

Before sending products to the market, important tests need to be carried out.

Test ingredients or allergens that need to be declared above a certain percentage or detect bacterial contamination according to specific market regulations. Our food safety solutions give you real-time answers, meaning you don’t have to hold the product while waiting for lab results or take any risks by sending something to the market that hasn’t been tested yet.