Food Certification & Monitoring

Acting quickly and on the spot is a great advantage for food inspectors and certification entities.

Vegan certification control

Increase the trust your vegan consumers have for your brand and certify that your products do not contain meat, fish, fowl, eggs or egg products, milk or milk products, any animal-derived GMO's or animal-derived genes. With our DNA testing solutions, you can make sure your products comply with a vegan diet or control if a certified product is compliant.

Halal and Kosher Compliance

Given its complex supply chain, Halal and Kosher products are easily subjected to contamination by unwanted ingredients, like pork, that will make them forbidden under Islamic or Jewish law. With our pork detection solution you can determine, at any stage in the supply chain, that your product is certified or if a certified product is compliant.

Trading of forbidden species and products

Illegal trading of wildlife and wildlife products is a serious and constant concern. It represents a major threat to biodiversity and it is one of the most lucrative black market businesses. However, authorities can find it hard to accurately distinguish animal and plant species and determine if those being traded are indeed prohibited. With our rapid and portable DNA detection kit, officials can perform a fast and easy on-site species identification to confirm the legality of the wildlife samples. This can not only prevent smuggling but also help reveal trafficking routes.