Milk and Dairy Products

Working with a very perishable raw material that is extremely vulnerable to contamination requires extra safety measures.

Dairy adulteration

Milk and dairy products are commonly adulterated. Cow milk can be added to buffalo mozzarella or goat cheese and soy fillers may be added to cow milk and yoghurts to make them more profitable.

Lengthy testing procedures can make it harder to spot and stop contamination but by delivering real-time results, our solutions allow manufacturers to detect adulteration on the spot and reject any products that are not authentic.

Spoilage indicators

Yeast and molds in raw ingredients are often the cause of spoilage in dairy products. The short life of these products and a delay of several days from current testing methods means that many times spoiled products are introduced in the market and have to be later recalled. Our solutions allow dairy producers to test for yeast and molds on the spot and in real-time and to be confident about the quality of the products that are sent to the market.

Production line monitoring

Cross contamination and pathogen contamination are a real concern for dairy companies. Environmental tests validate the cleanliness and microbiological status of all surfaces that are in contact with the products, but may take several days to produce results. Our rapid environmental testing solutions provide results in one working shift.

A1/A2 Milk

The two types of cow milk have different nutritional values and the A2 milk market is growing quickly. Companies producing both A1 and A2 milk need a rapid and reliable method to analyse their cows and know which milk they produce. SwissDeCode provides the right solution for this need.