GMO Corn "The Grain Analyser"

Complexities of GMO regulations around the world and vulnerabilities in the grain supply chain make it difficult to adequately test and verify non-compliances. To help protect the integrity of the supply chain, we have developed an on-site, self-testing device for ISO-certified GMO detection in minutes.

The GMO challenge

The European Union imports 709 million bushels of corn annually from worldwide exporters, and 70% of European countries partially or fully ban genetically modified food. On the contrary, GMO is allowed in the largest corn exporting countries such as the USA, Brazil and Argentina. Traceability and compliance are must-win battles for corn exporters, importers, processors and traders worldwide.

Corn testing takes time

Currently, specialised GMO-testing laboratories take several days from receiving corn samples to issuing ISO certification. This delay leads to increased cost and resources, not to mention exposure to a higher risk of recalls or financial penalties.

Rapid, automated, on-site testing with ISO certification

SwissDeCode has developed a sample-to-result, fully automated device to detect GMO-free corn. Quick and easy to use, BEAMitup conducts multiple tests simultaneously and issues ISO certification in less than 10 minutes, not days. It is ideal for large industrial facilities such as grain elevators and import/export terminals with high daily inputs coming from third parties across the world.


▶ Simultaneous multi-sample testing: one test every 5 minutes, on your own premises and operated by untrained personnal with 15 minutes total hands-on time;

▶ Simple, automated process which reduces risk of human handling errors and decreases idle time of transportation;

▶ Quick and accredited results: received in less than 10 minutes, based on globally accepted ISO/IEC 17025 standards;

▶ Data analytics: Secured cloud-based software for data collection and analysis, providing insights for improving your internal processes

▶ Enables traceability from seed through production, processing, packaging and distribution, supporting Identity Protection (IP) programs.