A2 Cow Milk Test

Validate the purity of your A2 milk batches by quickly detecting the presence of A1-type milk

Rapid, on-the-spot testing of unprocessed milk batches

The DNAFoil® A2 Cow Milk Test allows to detect A1-type milk in A2 milk batches, using a sample of raw, unprocessed milk.

All-in-one kit, from sample to result

Providing all necessary material, the all-in-one test can be performed at the point of need, even by non-experts. Delivered in a convenient format, the kit is portable and can be stored at room temperature.

Reliable results for immediate, informed decisions

The reliable and easily interpretable results are available in 45 minutes, including approximately 15 minutes hands-on time. This significantly shortens the time to result, compared to current analytical methods.

DNAFoil® A2 Cow Milk

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