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To help its customers communicate the quality of their A2 products to the market, SwissDeCode offers a service package that includes the unique A2 INSIDE label, as well as a number of joint promotional activities. The label will be used by companies who analyse their herds and milk with the DNAFoil A2 Cow Test and/or the DNAFoil A2 Cow Milk Test.

Improve the reputation of your brands and products

Stand-out from the competition by being among the first to have your efforts to offer authentic products recognized. Increase credibility, trust and brand awareness not only in the eyes of the end consumer, but also when conducting business with dairy partners and stakeholders.

The process of obtaining the A2 INSIDE label is simple.

Here is how you do it:

  • step


    Dairy company or dairy farmer applies for the A2 INSIDE label.

  • step


    We evaluate customer’s application and testing requirements.

  • step


    We provide a quote to reach an agreement with customer.

  • step

    4. SUPPLY

    We supply customer with A2 Family Test Kits and the A2 INSIDE label.

  • step

    5. TEST

    Customer uses the test kits to validate A2 cows or milk batches.

  • step

    6. LABEL

    Customer uses A2 INSIDE label only for products that have passed the test (negative test results = A1 beta-casein not detected).

  • step


    We engage with customer to create promotional materials that complement the use of the label.

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    The period of validity of the label depends on the testing requirements. The license can be renewed.


What’s in it for you? Enjoy…

  • Discounted test kits
  • Strategic joint communication campaigns
  • Higher brand perception (Reputation, Credibility, Confidence)
  • Facilitated decision-making for consumers
  • Quick and easy identification via QR code



  • Beta-casein makes up 30 percent of the protein in milk and comes in two forms – A1 and A2. The difference in the A1 and A2 beta-casein is an amino acid at the 67th position. A1 and A2 are present in different proportions, depending on the breed of the cow.

  • The A2 INSIDE label means that 1) customer’s cows have been tested via SwissDeCode’s DNAFoil A2 Cow Tests and produced negative results; 2) customer’s product has been tested via DNAFoil A2 Cow Milk Tests and produced negative results. For further information, please contact us at hello@swissdecode.com

  • We register any dairy farm and/or company that produces A2 milk or A2 milk byproducts. We aim to make the A2 INSIDE label accessible to all those customers who claim that their cows are A2 and their products are based purely on A2 milk.

  • As part of the application, we provide DNAFoil A2 Cow and DNAFoil A2 Cow Milk Test Kits (DNAFoil® A2 Family) that customers could use onsite, at any point in the supply chain to get results within an hour. We offer the A2 INSIDE label which demonstrates that registered farms and/or companies are using our products to ensure product authenticity and validity. Our label holders will further benefit from discounted test kits, strategic joint communication campaigns, higher brand perception, and protection of premium revenue. Note, this label solely demonstrates that the registered companies are using our test kits to ensure product authenticity and consumer trust.

  • Our staff will guide you through the process of registering your dairy company or dairy farm with the A2 INSIDE label. Contact us now to get started: hello@swissdecode.com.

  • The label is not intended to provide certification of the companies, products or operations, but rather to help the end consumer to clearly identify the efforts of the dairy producers in guaranteeing pure A2 milk products.

    We provide dairy farmers and dairy companies the tools to ensure that consumers receive A2 milk and A2 byproducts. We may inspect the customers to make sure that the tools are used appropriately and correctly.

  • The A2 INSIDE label license is renewable and the period of validity depends on customers’ testing requirements.

  • You can register as many A2 farms or A2 cow herds, and A2 products as you wish.

  • The registration process usually takes 5 to 10 working days. Please let us know should you have urgent needs, and we will do our best to meet them.

  • For more information, please read the A2 INSIDE Label Terms & Conditions.


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