Intentional or unintentional contamination of food with Pork meat is a reality to which some groups of consumers are particularly sensitive.

Incoming raw material control

Fraud is a risk factor in the food supply chain. Goods can be diluted with cheaper material (i.e. pork byproducts). During the transformation processes, the final product may not achieve the desired quality standards or may not be suitable for Halal, Kosher or Vegan consumers.

Cleaning validation

If both pork and non-pork products are produced in the same manufacturing line, DNAFoil Pork can be used immediately after the washing steps to verify the cleaning. Customised solutions can also be created to detect other critical cross-contamination ingredients.

End product check

Non-declared ingredients are often the cause of expensive food recalls, as well as serious consumer allergies. DNAFoil adds an extra layer of security before sending any product to the market, which allows your customers to trust that what they eat is exactly what’s in the label.