Prevent food adulteration with vegetal ingredients and detect the presence of plant-derived allergens after the cleaning process.

Incoming raw material control

Animal products such as milk and meat are commonly diluted and adulterated with vegetal material (e.g. soy proteins, vegetal fat, flour thickeners) to increase profitability. This can affect end product quality and cause undetected allergens to enter your production line. Our rapid solutions allow companies to spot adulteration with vegetal material even before raw materials enter the factory.

Cleaning validation

If both white and fruit yogurts are produced in the same manufacturing line, potential allergens must be tested. DNAFoil® Vegetal can be used immediately after the washing steps to verify the cleaning. Customised solutions can also be created to detect other critical cross-contamination ingredients.

End product check

Non-declared ingredients are often the cause of expensive food recalls, as well as serious consumer allergies. DNAFoil® adds an extra layer of security before sending any product to the market, which allows your customers to trust that what they eat is exactly what’s in the label.