Real-time food authentication, compliance and safety for food manufacturers

SwissDeCode helps farmers and food manufacturers to grow and produce food that is safe to eat by providing rapid food safety solutions.


We are driven by our vision of a safe food supply chain, where companies can trust the quality of products and food is safe to consume.


Rapid and portable DNA detection

We provide rapid and portable DNA detection solutions that help customers in the food industry detect contaminants that may harm the quality of their products. Our range of products includes the detection of Cacao Swollen Shoot Virus, traces of pork, vegetal material, and the authentication of premium products, such as A2 milk..


How it works

The DNAFoil® technology is a unique, innovative DNA detection technique that amplifies a single copy or a few copies of targeted DNA (e.g. pork DNA) into millions of copies.


Sample Preparation

Get a sample from the product you want to test and crush it in our barrel.

Completed with single gestures:
No spin-columns
No centrifuges


DNA Isothermal Amplification

Robust enzymes and specific primers identify DNA targets and make multiple copies.

One-pot master mix:
No cold chain
No thermo-cycling

Lateral Flow Detection

DNA fragments are captured in a band that develop a visible color chemistry.

Simple to interpret:
No gel electrophoresis
No difficult equations

Actionable Results

In 30 minutes for authentication and one working shift for microbiology.


The difference?

Our technology is different from current testing methods.

  • Fast


    Our devices allow you to perform the DNA detection and obtain the certificate in less than an hour.

  • Self-Administered


    The tests are self-administered and can be performed by any staff member.

  • On-site


    Our DNA detection devices allow any staff member to perform the test and interpret the results on their own facilities.


Multiple applications

Our solutions will bring benefits to companies in different areas of the food supply chain.

Simple and versatile
Companies can take action faster
Customisable to company’s needs
Different areas of application